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Starting a new job carries with it a number of emotions: anxiety, excitement, fear and frustration are foremost. Leaving what has become comfortable and familiar incites great anxiety – I think that applies to almost any life situation. There are things you leave behind at the old job – most notably, a little piece of yourself. For months to come, my former co-workers will see my name pop up in the computer system, just as I saw former employees’ names. New workers will wonder what happened to me, why I am no longer employed. Who will tell the true story in my stead?

I was excited to begin a new job with different people and environment. I was going to work for a stable, nationally recognized company and the money was just a little bit better. The drive time was significantly lessened and the job description was up my alley. Anything new creates some degree of excitement – just because of its newness. The problem is, it is eventually replaced with fear.

I was afraid I wouldn’t fit in with the other office staff. I feared that once I finally got to the office, the job wouldn’t be what I thought it was and that I had made a huge mistake. I was scared that the person who hired me decided that he had made an error and I would be without a job entirely! Eventually those fears subsided and were replaced with not a little bit of frustration.

When I arrived on my first day, there were “steps” that had to be taken to acquire a computer login, access to systems, establishing email, and other little logistic demons that took quite some time to line up. For the first week, I have done very little actual work and have been only minimally trained because of my lack of computer access. Sometimes the word “corporate” can sound like a curse. “Have to wait for corporate to handle that.” ARGH! I want to do my job. I want to learn to do my job. My enthusiasm may begin to wane if I am not able to get a handle on the tasks soon. I worry that I will get behind and spend the rest of my employment trying to catch up! Fortunately, I have a great office mate/co-worker who has shared all she can about procedures and I understand that I will begin training in earnest next week. Fingers crossed!


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