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When you become a parent, other parents tell you how rewarding it is. How all the hard work, stress and angst that you experience is totally worth those tiny glimpses of wonder, those moments when your child reveals her true self and fills you with awe. Until recently, I thought it was all a big load of bull poopie – an old wives tale to keep you from stuffing them in a box and leaving them in the garage. But now…now, I know better.

It was one of those truly precious moments; I was struck dumb and tears rolled down my face with pride and pleasure. The Pie read her bedtime story to me. Not just babbling nonsensically while looking at pictures, but actually telling me the story that coincided with the words in “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle. It is her favorite bedtime story and she loves how much food the caterpillar eats and how she relates when the caterpillar gets a stomachache. And she always seems surprised when he turns into a beautiful butterfly – even though we have read the story in the neighborhood of about 827 times! Here’s the scene:

I told her to choose her bedtime book, and as usual, she opted for the caterpillar. She climbed into her bed and said, “Me read.” I don’t like to irritate her at bedtime, so I humored her. She sat cross-legged in the middle of her pink and white gingham sheets, placed the book on her lap, held her fist to her mouth…and cleared her throat. She opened the book to the first page and began …

“Light of moon…egg..lay…leaf.” Page Turn.
“Morning…sun up…pop!… tiny caterpillar (hatapeer).” Page Turn
“Look for food.”
“One apple…” Page Turn
“Two pears…” Page Turn
“Three plums (free pumms)” Page Turn
“Four Strawberries (fo rawbess)” Page Turn
“Five Oranges…” Page Turn
“Cake, ice cream cone (eye reem cone), pickle, cheese, salami (wammee), lollipop, sausage, pie, cup cake (cucake), watermelon (mellamelon). Night….TUMMY. ACHE!” Page Turn
“Day…eat leaf…all better” Page Turn
“Not hungry (hungee)…not little…BIG FAT caterpillar (hatapeer)!” Page Turn“Made house…cocoon (coon)… poke out…” Page Turn
“Beautiful butterfly (booful buhfwy)! The End”

As she closed the book, she looked up at me with pure delight in her eyes but it turned to concern as she saw my face slick with proud tears.

“OK, mama…it OK,” she said.

“Yes, baby,” I said. “It is OK.”


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