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The Friend Ship

Far away, out where the sun and the ocean meet on the horizon, there is a boat. It bobs peacefully along and occasionally comes into port to deliver or remove precious cargo. As it makes its journey back and forth, in and out of life, it occasionally must weather storms. It struggles to keep itself right, listing frenetically to and fro then eventually finding its center. During calm times, it glides quietly through the waters of life, making barely a ripple, but still casting an imposing shadow.

So it is with friends. For the whole of our lives, everyone we meet is a potential friend. From daycare to nursing home, we encounter people who, for however long, become our comrades, our buddies, our friends. I picture my friends, past and present, sailing along on that ship – living their lives peacefully, and wonder about them occasionally. When their ship comes into my port, we are reunited with a joy that swells my heart and moistens my eyes. We visit for as long as time will allow, then bid each other the fondest of farewells – and wait to do it again at some undetermined time.

Fairly recently, old friends have begun to pop up from my past. Most are welcome visits and I am thrilled to be in touch again. (This is all thanks to one of those social networking sites you hear tell about!) But some I find puzzling, questionable and some are just plain odd. Some I know immediately by their picture, others I have to search for a recognizable feature to determine if I really knew them or not. Then there are the ones who went to my high school, never spoke to me during that time, and now are ready to add me to their Christmas card list. I am confused, frankly.

Last week, I met with one of my old friends from school who I admittedly missed for years! The last time I saw her, she was shopping with her young daughter – who is now in high school. Instantly, I was 17 again when I saw her. We laughed and talked and shared stories of how our lives diverged, and then met again, as a result of that mysterious sailing vessel out there on the sea of life.

Whenever I feel stuck on dry land, kicking up the dust of the mundane, I find comfort in knowing that someday my ship will come in and it will be a most happy day!


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  1. I am always thrilled when my ship docks at your port, however briefly. I am sure that I must be one of the confusing ones…and I apologize. Don’t worry, it’s not just you I confuse! lol! The truth is, and always has been, that you all mean so much to me that I get very nervous when we meet and it takes me some time to settle down, relax and act like a person, rather than like a babbling idiot.
    Thank you for taking the time to be my friend…then, now, and later. =)


    Comment by Nece | June 5, 2009 | Reply

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