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Words that Sound Dirty…but Aren’t

This past weekend, I served as the pronouncer for the regional finals of the state spelling bee. In my preparation, I encountered several words that, naturally, I had heard before, but never realized they sounded dirty until I said them in front of a room full of 4th – 8th graders. I remembered snickering at some of them when I was in school – and there are a couple I still giggle about when I hear them.

Here is a list of words that sound dirty, but are not:
CONJUGATE – not a private visit to an inmate

COCCYX – not a piece of jewelry for the twig and berries

MASTICATE – not something you do alone in the shower

PIANIST – not another name for the twig and berries

ANGINA – not the clinical word for a woman’s flower

SHIATSU – not what you do in the bathroom while reading Sports Illustrated

LOLLYGAG – not choking on a lollipop

BALLCOCK – not physically possible, I don’t think

SEERSUCKER – not one who sips seers through a straw

FURBELOW – not a directional hint of location

KUMQUAT – not the result of an intimate coupling

PUU PUU PLATTER – not a plate covered in dookie

PENALIZE – not make something in the shape of a phallus

BLOVIATE – not having to do with blowing anything

PHILATELIST – not one who philates

SHUTTLECOCK – not a twig and berries that goes into space

Honorable Mentions:
blow hole


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