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As a child of pop culture, I often find great wisdom and profound knowledge wrapped neatly inside a single line of dialogue in a movie. I imagine some angst-ridden writer, hopped up on espresso sitting on his or her bathroom floor receiving the epiphany that writers dream about – the perfect line. Here are a few of the lines that left deep impressions on my life and my way of thinking:
(in no particular order…)

* “Sometimes being a bitch is all a woman has to hold on to.” Dolores Claiborne
In a world where women are inundated with mixed messages about their roles in society, I think this statement is one of the truest about the feminine gender. Being a bitch is the something that only women can do and many, like myself, embrace that ability and like to take it down off the shelf, give it a good dusting and show it off every once in a while. However, some women don’t allow theirs time to gather dust at all, but give theirs plenty of exercise. No matter; if it’s all they have then why not use it?

* “I’d rather have 30 minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special.” Steel Magnolias
Pretty self-explanatory, but it touches me deeply. So many people want to make their marks on the world, to leave it a better place than they found it. And to do so, thay have to make sacrifices. That half hour of wonderful can be enough to last a lifetime, reminding the person of the love, joy, happiness and pride they may have experienced inside those 30 minutes. It’s a small amount of time, in the grand scheme of things, but if you’re drowning in the mundane and average, it can seem like an eternity.

* “We’re all pretty bizarre…some of us are just better at hiding it.” The Breakfast Club
Amen! I have never met a person who I considered completely well-adjusted and totally sane. Maybe if I really thought about it…..nope, nobody. For whatever reason everyone has some little quirk they keep hidden away from view, or they display proudly for all to see (I think that’s called just plain ape-ass crazy!) – depends on the nature of said quirk. I know people who exhibit the following peccadilloes:
– eat their own boogers
– hides vodka under the bathroom sink and sneaks drinks when he goes in there
– counts every step in a set of stairs
– wants every person she meets to like her
– would rather play with child toys than any other activity
– believe their animals really have opinions on furniture and decor
– loves the smell of his own farts


(Perhaps I need to expand my social circle?!)

* “I’m ending our friendship.” With Honors
This line is preceded by the line, “What are you doing?” as the leading man kisses his leading lady. What’s so true about this line is that he knows taking the step forward to bare and share his heart is a big risk, a gamble. He knows he has to give up the great friendship he had with this girl to stumble blindly into the world of dating her – which is not necessarily the same. It pains me to think that people who are dating or married also claim to be “best friends” because one or both of those relationships is missing something!

* “We all go a little mad sometimes.” Psycho
And thank God for it, I say! Wouldn’t life be boring if we never let go or lost control and just maintained an even keel through every part of our lives? Our team wins the championship, our beloved asks to spend our lives together, our mother dies unexpectedly on a Sunday afternoon, we get offered a great new job and we keep the same expression, demeanor, attitude? Nonsense. It’s these and many other times that practically demand we go a little mad…lose ourselves in the feelings that run rampant inside and give in to the dizzying array of sights, sounds and sensations that await us inside that madness.

Finally, I give you a movie quote that needs no explanation and gives me chills every time I hear it in the movie:

* “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he didn’t exist.” The Usual Suspects


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