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The Middle Ages

I think I now know why it’s called “Middle Age” – I am stuck in the middle between my wonderful daughter and my elderly father. Nearly forty years separates my father and I and over forty years separates me and my daughter, So that’s me – the one in the middle!

I was talking with one of my best friends a while back and we were discussing the varied benefits of reading glasses. She wears contacts on a regular basis, but she still has some trouble with small print. I haven’t been able to read anything less that 12 point fonts for months! So we naturally gravitated to glasses – which we both hate – and then the possibility of getting those little rope things to hang them around our necks for when we don’t need them. How is that for young and stylish? She said “we always knew it would happen – we’re growing old together”. Well, yeah – I knew it would happen, but I just didn’t think it would be when we’re both so young!

My Dad is 80 and enjoys his time with his grandaughter, but I wonder sometimes if she will have a chance to know him as her Grandpa. She seems to really get a kick out him – at 22 months, it’s hard to tell – and I want her to be able to tell stories about her Grandpa who loved her so much. I grew up without Grandfathers, and I feel in some small way that I missed out on something. I don’t know what, but it was always a niggling little thing at the back of my mind – when people spoke of their grandfathers, I had no frame of reference.

I wish he was the kind, soft-spoken, gentle grandfather that keeps hard candies in his cardigan pocket, but he is gruff, grumpy and somewhat of a curmudgeon. He expects adult behavior from my little girl and she is simply ill-equipped to provide that. She’s still a baby for heaven’s sake!

I am stuck in the middle between caring for a toddler and caring for an elderly father. So the situation is fraught with uncertainty. Where should my loyalties lie? How can I better manage my time and energy? When can I get a nap?


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