The Pie Baker

Fresh from the Oven


Here are a few random thoughts:
1. I wish I lived somewhere else.

2. I am adopted – and I HAVE met members of my natural family, including my birth mother – and choose not to have contact with them.

3. I talk about my daughter way too much.

4. I have never been truly loved by a man.

5. I am not happy in my job.

6. I have felt displaced since losing my job at Holland Hall.

7. I am equally lucky and unlucky.

8. I am extremely jealous of one of my friends.

9. I wish I could provide a better life for my daughter.

10. Nothing made sense until I gave birth.

11. I have a serious crush on someone I used to work with.

12. I am addicted to Q-tips and cannot look at one without wanting to stick it my ear!

13. I sometimes don’t wear underwear.

14. I would love to have free cosmetic surgery.

15. I sometimes cry just thinking about my daughter.

16. I was arrested twice in one year – for the same thing.

17. I wish everyone knew how I REALLY felt about them. EVERYONE!

18. Besides my daughter, I can’t remember the last time I had human physical contact.

19. I miss having a pet.

20. I miss intellectual conversation.

21. I have many regrets…but the biggest one is playing a bad pracitcal joke on an ex-boyfriend.

22. 1996 was the year of 8 jobs.

23. I am a “Mater Hater”. I do not eat tomatoes.

24. I feel guilty every day for almost having an abortion.

25. I really miss my mom.

26. I am not as smart as a lot of people think I am.

27. Instead of having a good cry, I will eat an entire large pizza.

28. I want to quit smoking, but I’m not sure I can do it.

29. I am terrible with bugeting money.

30. I spend almost 2 hours a day in my car.

31. Being a single mother is harder than married mothers will ever know.

32. I have already planned my father’s funeral and he’s still alive.

33. I would rather kiss for hours than have sex. And I would rather laugh for hours than kiss.

34. I am sad that my daughter won’t remember this time in history.

35. I want my daughter to make smart choices, but I don’t think I’m a good role model for her in that arena.

36. I often wish I could go back and start all over again, knowing what mistakes to avoid.

37. I wish I had never fallen in love with gay men.

38. I want a better job, but don’t think I’m worthy of one.

39. I love to make other people laugh.

40. I have 2 tattoos and they are for people in my life who have died.


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