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I will most likely use the word “responsible” in the following blog, because there seems to be a gross lack of it when it comes to reproduction, and I plan to address the latest phenomenon and uprising surrounding that Nadya Suleman woman, who, if you’ve just crawled out from under a rock, gave birth to octuplets recently. In addition to her 8 tiny babies struggling for life in the hospital, she has six other children already at home, three with special needs. That’s 14, people! Fourteen children all under the age of seven, born to a mother who is not employed and lives with her parents. It makes me physically ill. Honestly, my stomach is clutching right now….

The woman responsible for 14 children has no visible means of support and has openly stated that she plans to raise her children using her student loans. WTF? Where were her parents in all this? Didn’t one or both of them say to her at some point, “Maybe you should give this a little more thought?” Those people are essentially raising the children for Suleman and at some point should have taken measures to stop this from happening. The woman gets money from Social Security Disability for 3 of her kids, as well as worker’s compensation for some porbably bogus back injury from a while back. She gets nearly $800 a month in food stamps and a host of other government assistance. Why are the taxpayers being held responsible for the care of these kids? And don’t get me started on health care! I know the medical expenses for a single child and I cannot begin to imagine what it costs for 6 – now 8 more with numerous afflictions resulting from their premature birth – and, let’s face it, just plain being crowded up for so long!

What I have been asking since this whole thing hit the media is this: What about the physician responsible for implanting the embryos? Why hasn’t s/he been called on to explain the thought process of implanting 8 embryos in an unmarried woman? Why hasn’t s/he been taken to task about the implications of carrying so many babies in a limited amount of space and resourses? Why hasn’t s/he accepted some of the responsibilty in this situation?

I know how hard it is to raise a child alone without unending resources or child support payments. And because I work full time and make marginal money, I do not qualify for any kind of assistance. The only thing I get is WIC and that is really not much in the grand scheme of things. I would never presume that the taxpayers would take on the responsibility of providing for my child – I was responsible for making her, so I am responsbile for taking care of her.

It angers me that this stupid, selfish, irresponsible woman has turned into a media sensation. More ill-gotten gains will come her way via paid interviews, book deals, etc. I can only hope she will spend it responsibly.


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  1. Hear hear! *applause* Well said, dear. I was a single Mom of 2 for part of my life, and never had more than WIC either. My son and daughter in law went to apply for government health aide today because she has epilepsy and they cannot afford her medication…hoping to get her back on her meds long enough for him to feel like he could find a better job than fast food cashier, and get them on regular medical insurance. A temporary measure. They were turned down for health care because he makes too much money (hah!) BUT they were offered food stamps! Huh???? I am willing to bet that Ms. Suleman qualifies for every little thing the government offers and will never be off of some kind of aide…why is irresponsibility rewarded?

    Comment by Nece | February 12, 2009 | Reply

  2. But what about Jon and Kate plus 8? They did the exact same thing (well they didn’t have 6 more, but they had 2 and their Dr. implanted 6 just like Nadya. I know theirs did not replicate into 8, but would God let her implant 4 with NONE successful, and then 6 and turn them into 8 if it wasn’t part of a plant?)

    Comment by Julia | June 11, 2009 | Reply

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